Friday, April 9, 2010

Hero Burger Restaurant Review: Cooked to perfection and tastes homemade

While we don’t often do food and restaurant reviews on our blog, I wanted to take the opportunity to share an experience I had last week with everyone. While on vacation in Ontario I had the chance to eat at a Hero Certified Burger location in Richmond Hill, which is north east of Pearson International Airport. I was extremely curious to see if Hero Burgers lived up to the hype I’ve heard since they joined as a licensed participant in the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program. Let me assure you that they did not disappoint. From the moment I walked through the door which proudly displayed the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed logo, I was impressed. The service was fantastic and the food was excellent. With a choice of burger size from a 4 oz, 6 oz or 8 oz there is something for everyone. Then they cook your burger after it is ordered, it makes you seriously consider which of their toppings to add. With a choice of 7 different cheeses and portobello or sautéed button mushrooms, fire roasted peppers and Canadian Peameal bacon just to name a few. It was obvious that this is going to be much more than a typical run of the mill fast food hamburger. It was served quickly, cooked to perfection and tasted like something homemade.

We should be proud as a breed that we are a part of this company’s success. While currently they are only located in the Greater Toronto Area, anyone who is there or going through should stop in and see for yourself, one of the many success stories since the launch of the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Program. I applaud Hero Burgers for their use of 100% Canadian Angus beef and their promotion of that. Remember as producers your chance to be a part of this is easy. Purchase your Angus RFID tags and use them in animals sired by one registered Angus parent. For further information, contact me.

Posted by Cheryl Hazenberg