Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Roaring Success of Showdown 2013

Given that the summer is wrapping up, so are Karla, Matt and my internships. I am still recovering from the Canadian Junior Angus Showdown in Armstrong, British Columbia last week.

Showdown was another great exhibition of our fabulous Juniors and all that they are capable of. My crew and I headed out on Wednesday in a convoy of two trucks with trailers full of cattle and two trucks with hay, luggage and tack. The 10-hour drive was through beautiful country and allowed ample time for napping to prepare for the next couple days of competitions.

Upon arrival, we uploaded our string leaving them to finally rest their weary legs and get out of the sun and began setting up our stall. That night was fairly laid back but it all sped up from there.

Thursday was the grooming and individual judging competitions and friendly competition was had by all. The board had arranged for a bus to take us to the waterslides which was much appreciated given the heat most of us were not accustomed to.  This was a great opportunity for all participants to bond and cool off! I know our crew was definitely not designed to function in the heat of Armstrong.

Kasey Adams and Lexi Dietrich in our stall cooling off after a long day in the barn.

Friday was the showmanship competition. In the afternoon we had sales talk, print marketing and the much-awaited show team judging competition. The show team judging teams are decided by the top six individuals of each category (after the individual judging competition) who are then drawn out of a hat and paired together. I managed to crack the top six for the senior division and my partner was Allison Speller. I hadn’t given reasons on a mic for quite some time but I managed to get through it with my partner's support. We found out at awards that we won our category and I would gladly take the opportunity to team judge with Allison any time! That evening was the prestigious Angus Cook-Off competition. My team picked a very unique theme of Alberta Dynasty.

Team Alberta Dynasty: We each dressed up as a character
and Si, Jace and Willie grilled up some Certified Angus beef
with a special marinade, salad and garlic toast on the side.
We were awarded the best dressed team!

After the conformation show Saturday, there was a banquet and dance. The little girls at our table had the longest night of being patient as they requested Taylor Swift’s “22” to be played four times before they had even finished their meals. The awards ceremony was well hosted by Erin Toner and Michael Hargrave congratulating all our hard-working Juniors. A personal highlight for me was Erin’s heartfelt speeches about a program and association that have given her so much. There may have been a few sympathy tears as I am nearing the end of my show career as well and I want to thank Erin once again for her never-ending enthusiasm and passion for the CJAA. She has done so much for Juniors such as me during her involvement, not to mention setting a wonderful example for all of us growing up in the Angus breed. Congrats to her on the much deserved Spirit of Youth award. Some other awards highlights include Keely Adams of Forestburg, AB receiving the Junior Aggregate, Meghan McGillivray of Kamloops, BC the Intermediate Aggregate and Allison Speller of Monte Lake, BC the Senior Aggregate.

Grand Champion Female in the Open Division was won by
Allison Speller on the halter of Summit Angus Eline 80Y.

The dance was also a great way to wind down the show as all participants showed their moves off on the dance floor and got to meet new people. From T Swift to Gangnam Style to some Shania Twain, everyone got to hear what they liked to hear and we all got to spend a couple more hours together.

All the Alberta participants at CJAA Showdown 2013 in their banquet best.

The drive home seemed to go much faster than the trip out and although Laurie Hunter may say that is thanks to the 10-hour nap we all seemed to get excluding the drivers, I think that speaks to the roaring success of Showdown.
As one of our delegates forgot their keys in BC, the prizes for the Alberta Junior Angus Show are all now purchased and sitting in my garage! I am once again quite looking forward to some Junior Angus collaboration and all the excitement that comes along with such events. I have now returned to the office for a couple weeks before the Alberta Junior Angus Show and the All Breeds Show. If you are not entered yet there is still time but you may not receive show apparel. I look forward to seeing many of our junior members out competing!

Posted by Katelyn Dietrich