Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Snowtember" 2014

September 2014 is one that will be remembered by Albertans for a long time. The media has already changed the name of the month to "Snowtember". Here at Angus Central, we have watched in disbelief as snow has fallen and temperatures have dropped. After overnight temperatures dropped to -4 Celsius, we appear to be heading back to seasonal temperatures with today's high predicted to be +9 Celsius.

From what we've heard from those calling the office, the cattle are adapting to the early blast of winter and members are taking the opportunity to catch up on paperwork--when they're not busy trying to shake the snow off trees and prevent damage from falling branches. We should know more about how much of the harvest can be salvaged in the coming days, and we hope that the damage will be as minimal as possible given the circumstances. 

Many of our members have asked about our "summer snowstorm" so we thought we'd share some photos with you.

One staff member's deck on Monday evening

The Queen Elizabeth II Highway near CrossIron Mills and Angus Central

Rocky View County snow plow hard at work in early September

Looking out a staff member's window Wednesday morning

Wednesday's morning commute was treacherous in some areas


Trees couldn't handle the weight of the snow and presented
challenges for drivers in the city of Calgary

28.2 cm or 11.1 inches of snow!

This pretty much sums up how we feel!

From all of us here at Angus Central, we wish you a lovely fall! Our fingers are crossed that we get to experience fall here too.

Posted by Tina Zakowsky