Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy retirement Doug Fee

Over the last 17 years, Doug Fee has taken the Canadian Angus Association from the 4th-largest beef cattle breed with a staff of 3 and 29,931 registrations to Canada’s leading beef breed with a staff of 13 and 55,452 registrations. When Doug joined the Association, registrations were completed by Canadian Livestock Records Corporation, there was no Junior program, and the Association offered a limited number of programs.

One of Doug's first tasks as General Manager was to bring the Canadian Angus Association registry in house. The first registrations were processed in January 1996. One year later, we were recognized as having Canada’s largest purebred beef cattle registry.

Doug oversaw the Canadian Angus Association office’s move to Calgary, and the grand opening was held in conjunction with the Association’s 90th anniversary.

The Canadian Junior Angus Association was formed, and the Juniors held their first event, Showdown, in 2000. Sixty competitors from six provinces brought 100 head of cattle to compete in the 3-day event.

In 1999, we became the first beef breed to offer a tag that met the requirements of the national cattle identification program while also identifying Angus cattle electronically and visually. In the first year of the Canadian Angus Certification Program, about 20,000 tags were sold. That number has steadily increased and in 2010, over 240,000 Angus tags were sold. The Canadian Angus Association made the move to RFID technology in 2005, ahead of the rest of the industry. The program also became truly national in 2009 with the introduction of an Angus ATQ tag for producers using Angus genetics in the province of Quebec.

As CEO, Doug has attended meetings of the World Angus Secretariat in Denmark, South Africa, Ireland and Canada. Canada was the host country in 1985 and 2009.

Doug was part of a 2004 Canadian delegation that celebrated the 125th anniversary of the founding meeting of the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society in Scotland. A plaque was unveiled in the Perth hotel where the founding meeting was held, and the gravestone of Hugh Watson of Keillor, recognized as the founder of the breed, was rededicated.

On behalf of Canada’s Angus breeders, Doug presented a gift heifer to Her Majesty the Queen Mother on the occasion of her 100th birthday in 2000. He also represented Canadian Angus breeders and the World Angus Secretariat two years later at the Queen Mother’s funeral.

Doug successfully managed the Canadian Angus Association throughout the darkest days in the Canadian beef industry, when the discovery of a single animal with BSE in May 2003 brought the industry to a near halt. Despite the crisis created by BSE, the Canadian Angus Association registered a record 53,412 animals in 2003. That record was broken in 2005 when 56,159 animals were registered, and was broken again in 2006 when 60,744 animals were registered.

In 2006, Angus registrations in Canada increased to over 50% of the Canadian purebred cattle population for the first time. Other significant firsts in 2006 include the first all-age-verified, all-tagged, all-Angus sale in Mankota, Saskatchewan, and the Junior Association’s first Guiding Outstanding Angus Leaders (GOAL) conference.

Doug, you will be missed by the staff and members of the Canadian Angus Association. Under your leadership, we have grown and progressed as a breed. We all thank you for your years of dedication and wish you enjoyment and fulfillment in your retirement.

Posted by the Canadian Angus Association staff

Monday, June 27, 2011

Canadian Angus Association's 2010 Auction Market of the Year Award Presented to Assiniboia Livestock Auction

Assiniboia Livestock Auction has been chosen as the Canadian Angus Association’s 2010 Auction Market of the Year in recognition of their work promoting Angus and Angus cross cattle. The award was presented at the Livestock Markets Association of Canada annual convention on June 10.

Assiniboia Livestock Auction is operated by Roy and Ryan Rutledge, a father and son team. They've been in operation at this location for 25 years and hold a number of special Angus feeder sales for both black and red Angus cattle in the fall. They sell between 3,000 and 5,000 cattle on a pre-sort system each fall. They also sell across Canada through Direct Livestock Marketing Association online sales. They advertise these Angus sales on the radio, in local newspapers and industry publications. They are very proactive in promoting the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tag program and fully support it.

Assiniboia is well known throughout the Canadian feedlot industry for selling top quality Angus and Angus influence cattle. Although the bulk of their sales are in the fall, they promote Angus year-round to our members, both purebred and commercial. Assiniboia trades more Angus cattle in a year than any other auction in Canada. They also have their own ranches, running over 2,000 Angus and Angus influence cattle.

We are very pleased to present the 2010 Canadian Angus Association Auction Market of the Year Award to Assiniboia Livestock Auction for an outstanding performance.

Posted by Brian Good

Canadian Angus Association's First Feedlot of the Year Award

At the recent Canadian Angus Association annual general meeting, CEO Doug Fee presented the Association's first Feedlot of the Year Award to Ed and Glori Dalke of High Ridge Feeders and Harry and Brenda Dalke of Shannondale Farm. The Dalke Brothers, as they are known in the industry, were chosen in recognition of their work feeding and promoting Angus and Angus cross cattle.

Both locations feed about 3,500 head of cattle, some of which are custom fed. They purchase black Angus calves tagged with Angus tags in the fall from different locations in Western Canada, namely Brandon, Virden, Mankota, Medicine Hat and Maple Creek.

Their location in Morden means that they can grow cereal grains and corn for their feedlots. They also are able to market the cattle east, west and south for various branded Angus beef programs.

We are very proud and excited to present this award to Ed and Glori and Harry and Brenda for their dedication to Canada's Angus breeders.

Posted by Brian Good