Sunday, July 8, 2012

Half Way There: An Interns First Two Months

I cannot believe that the summer is already over half way done! Only a couple more months and us interns will be back in University hitting the books.
                 After Paradise Valley I continued my travels up to Spiritwood for two days attending their regional show. I ringed the show alongside judge Tyler Libke. Also, I helped to judge the club displays which was a challenge in itself as they all had great displays set up. The two day event wrapped up with a successful sale that was said to be above average for any of their other years.
Ambassador Competitors and Micheal Latimer
                 Next on my list was Convention and we all know how fun that was! I got to compete in the Ambassador competition with four lovely ladies. HUGE congratulations to my fellow intern Stacey Domolewski on receiving this honor. This was the first time that I ever competed in the Ambassador competition and needless to say it was an amazing experience!
                Towards the end of June is when I started getting very busy! I attended the Moose Jaw Regional show the second last weekend in June! It was an amazing weekend with some quality cattle being shown and a lot of Angus or Angus influence cattle. Once again I judged the stall display competition, I think that I am getting to be a pro at this! There were five clubs there and they all had very attractive displays so my work was definitely cut out for me. Overall, it was a weekend filled with fun and good times for all the 4-H members there.
                 The next three days saw me in the office working with Belinda and Ruth putting together the finishing touches for our Saskatchewan Gold and Junior show. All I have to say about that few days is WOW! There is a ton of work that goes into those shows last minute. We all need to give Belinda a pat on the back for what she does for the Saskatchewan Angus and Junior Angus Associations!!
                That weekend I attended Frontier Days in Swift Current. This weekend is always very fun and there were a lot of good cattle being shown there by 4-H’ers. It was unbelievably hot there during this show, as it always seems to be. Needless to say after Sunday afternoon and not wearing sunscreen all weekend I got burnt! All of my loving friends who were in attendance of this show nick named Rudolph. The weekend all in all was enjoyed by all and the reserve champion steer brought a whopping $8.00/lb!
                I had a couple days at home in Regina then packed up and headed to Yorkton for our Saskatchewan Gold and Junior show. Everyone was a little nervous going into it without having Belinda in attendance. Her son was playing ball in the States so that obviously trumped the Gold Show. The junior component of the show saw a lot of juniors in attendance who had never came to our Saskatchewan Junior show before which was great to see. We all had fun and I am sure that we gained a few more regular Saskatchewan Junior Angus members. The Gold show also went well with no mistakes or mix ups! The two days went very smoothly and we successfully pulled it off without having Belinda there to depend on.
Rancher Endorsed Day at Convention
                Currently Stacey and I are calling the Port O’Call Best Western in Calgary home as we attend the Calgary Stampede. We are working the cattle trail and it has been quite the experience so far. I have worked one day and it was interesting to see the extreme difference between what the people know about cattle.  I am excited to be a part of the 100th Stampede and am looking forward to the next few days here!

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