Friday, August 12, 2011

International Livestock Congress 2011

The International Livestock Congress (ILC) was held Wednesday in Calgary as part of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association Semi-Annual Meeting and Convention. It was an opportunity to interact with other industry partners as well as participate in a program which focused on trade opportunities, global trends and economic analysis in the beef industry.

A few key points were repeatedly emphasized throughout the day and paint a promising picture for the beef industry.
  • Canada produces a very high quality beef product which will always be in demand by consumers and foreign markets.
  • The Canadian dollar will remain strong.
  • As the Canada-EU trade negotiations progress, there are many issues which as an industry need to be addressed.
  • Consumers do want to purchase Canadian beef and they do look to the packaging to identify the origin of the beef prior to purchase.
The Canadian Angus Association was well represented at ILC with President David Bolduc, Brian, Michael, Kajal, Ciara, and Cheryl in attendance. Staff members have also been a part of the other aspects of the CCA’s Semi-Annual Meeting this week. By participating in events such as this it allows the Canadian Angus Association to strengthen its position as an industry leader and to be ready to seize the opportunities and face the challenges which encompass the Canadian beef industry.

Please contact anyone who was in attendance for more information on the conference or to find out how you can participate next year.

Posted by Cheryl Hazenberg