Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Barbecuing Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Beef

There's something about Canada Day that makes people want to barbecue. It sometimes seems like almost every community across the country is having a barbecue as part of their Canada Day celebrations. This is good news for the beef industry as there will be lots of burgers and steaks on grills in backyards and communities from coast to coast.

As the weather has warmed up, staff here at the Canadian Angus Association have been barbecuing and taste testing Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed products. We've looked up retail locations where we can find Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed beef and headed to the store to buy frozen burgers and fresh steaks.

As we've compared notes, we may disagree on who makes the best frozen burger or which type of steak is best, but we all agree that we are proud of our Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program and the products under this label.

I encourage all Angus producers--purebred and commercial--to visit the retailers selling these products. Licensed participants are getting new packaging materials printed with the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed logo as they use up their existing supplies, so you may have to look for their name in some locations.

Try a Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed product and let us know what you think. They're buying your cattle so don't hesitate to support their product and programs. The Canadian Angus Association has proudly endorsed these products and we're sure that you'll not only enjoy them, but that you'll be proud that the box or the sign says "Angus".

Posted by Tina Zakowsky