Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Reach a Nationwide Audience For Just Pennies Per Household! Promote Your Operation in the New CAA Member Directory or CAA Bull Buyer’s Guide!

Whether you run a large Angus seed stock operation, or you run a small herd of Angus cows, you can, no doubt, benefit from advertising in either of the two new promotional publications from the Canadian Angus Association. This includes a CAA Nationwide Member Directory to be mailed on September 15 each year and the CAA Bull Buyer’s Guide to be mailed by February 1st each year.

Want to get involved in these two exciting new advertising initiatives from the CAA. Here’s what you need to know:

The CAA Member Directory will include contact information for every member of the Association and is anticipated to be used for the entire year until next September when the new version appears. This is an ideal showcase for you to promote your entire program; tell us who you are and what you're about. Specifically, if you have a fall sale, or a sale in the first six (6) weeks of the new year, or consign to such, this is your opportunity to promote that event or those consignments. If you do NOT wish to be included in the CAA Member Directory, please contact the CAA and request removal from this broad-based exposure prior to August 20.
The CAA Bull Buyer's Guide will be mailed no later than February 1st each year, so will be your chance to advertise your bull production, including all sales taking place from the middle of February onward. Regardless of whether you choose to advertise or not, the CAA Bull Buyer's Guide will feature the most comprehensive list of Angus bull sales in the nation, so please share your sale information with Keltey at your CAA (403-571-3598- as soon as you know it!
Advertising Rates...
Full Page $1250.00 / 15,000 households = 8.3 cents per household
Half Page $700.00 /15,000 households = 4.7 cents per household
Quarter Page $450.00 / 15,000 households = 3 cents per household
Business Card Ad $250.00 / 15,000 households = 1.7 cents per household
* Please speak with Today's Angus Advantage representatives about their 15% discount on yearly contracts (card ads exempt), including these two Canadian Angus Association tools
To book space, please contact:
Bryan Kostiuk - 306-934-9696 -
Chris Poley - 306-220-5006 -
Shane Michelson - 403-363-9973 -
Office: 306.934.9696 - F: 306.934.0744 -
Please remember... these two tools will be sent to every member of the Canadian Angus Association as well as everyone who has purchased a transferred Canadian Angus bull within the past two years. Your exposure could not be any better - 15,000 households!!! One could not ask for more fair advertising rates given the scope of the audience that will be reached by these two publications. Check out the rates broken down by household, and you will see that your business card ad could be sent nationwide for less than 2 cents per household! These publications offer an incredible new opportunity for CAA members… Book your advertising space today!

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