Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miles of Memories: Summer Intern's first Month!

I cannot believe that it has already been a month since Stacey and I were in Calgary at our week of training!! Needless to say the time and effort that we put into that week have been very helpful in the last few weeks. I have been keeping myself busy by delivering five school presentations and attending four 4-H events across Saskatchewan the past weeks!

Students dressed up as people involved in the beef industry
                My school visits kicked off in Landis talking to students in grades 2-5. All of the kids LOVED the workshop that we prepared for them. The most enjoyable part hands down has been the dressing up part of the workshop where we dress the students in costumes representing the many people that are involved in getting beef from the pasture to the plate. Then later that week I was off to my home town of Plenty and on Thursday gave presentations on beef education to the grades 4/5 and then the grades 3. Once again they all had a great time and showed a keen interest in the beef industry and particularly what the cattle eat and how their digestive system works. Not only have I given presentations to elementary students I also had the opportunity to be the key note speaker at a Life Long Learning Event. All I can say is WOW there is nothing that can prepare you for that! It was an amazing, and nerve racking experience, but I am so happy that I had this opportunity. To my surprise I was asked if I would consider ever being a key note speaker for other schools because they thought that the opportunities I have had through CJAA and SJAA have been so great and inspired the students to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them and if they have a passion to do their best and they will be rewarded. 

 After the week of school presentation I headed down south to Ceylon Saturday and gave presentations at the Borderline Feedlot Field Day. I had a rough start to the morning  with a flat tire but I still managed to get there on time. The 4-H youth were split up into age groups of 6-10. 11-14, and 15-21. They circulated to three different stations and at mine I discussed with them the benefits of a heifer project and described to them what the CJAA and SJAA were and what they had to offer. 

Last Sunday saw me going back north to home and attending the Handel Multiple 4-H Achievement Day. This is my old club so it was awesome getting to go and talk to kids that I used to be in 4-H with! Not only did I do a talk to the kids about the benefits of the heifer project I also helped them throughout the day with team judging, juding cards ,etc. 

Young 4-H member putting in his best effort 
To wrap up that  busy weekend I travelled to the St. Walburg Regional Show in northern Saskatchewan. There was strong Angus representation at this show which was great to see. There were also a lot of heifer projects as well as cow/calf projects.  I spent the day mingling with 4-H member and parents talking about the heifer project as well at the CJAA and SJAA. There were a lot of members who were interested in the junior associations so hopefully we will see some of them out at the junior events within the next year! After the show I gave a presentation to the members at the banquet about the heifer project. The parents told me that they liked to see Angus representation at their show since there are so many breeders up in that area.

This past Monday and Tuesday I was in Lloydminster attending the 4-H Expo. It is such a great show and there are so many 4-H members in attendance which I love to see! There are thirteen clubs that attend that show making it one of the biggest regional shows in Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Today I stopped in at Paradise Valley on the way home and talked to an amazing group of grade three and four students! All of them were knowledgeable about the beef industry and very interested in what 4-H has to offer. 

The future of the Angus breed
4-H shows are getting into full swing and the rest of my summer is filled up with numerous 4-H events and junior events! My next stop is Spirit Wood for their Regional and then back home to my old Regional show in Kerrobert. So far this experience has been so amazing and rewarding and I am very thankful to have this amazing job with the Canadian Angus Association!

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