Friday, March 4, 2011

Canadian Angus at the Glenbow!

Six months after having emerged from the basement archives, I can now proudly announce that the Canadian Angus Association archival records have been catalogued and safely stored at the Glenbow Museum & Archives in Calgary, Alberta. The records are open to the public for viewing and our members are encouraged to stop by the Glenbow whenever they’re in town to check out the Association’s bylaw amendments, official correspondence, publications, and other fascinating historical documents.

The Glenbow Museum and Archives have posted an online Finding Aid to assist anyone interested in our history in identifying and locating individual items.

If you go to the Photographs section of the finding aid you can see some of the photos scanned by the Glenbow. This collection includes pictures of important figures in the history of the breed including early proponents of the breed, past board members, and the iconic image of Old Grannie, the first recorded Aberdeen-Angus cow.

This project has been a success so far, but it is by no means complete. As we continue to move forward as a superior beef breed in Canada, we need to continue accumulating and preserving mementos of our progress and growth. It is important to remember that the work we do today in improving and expanding the Angus breed is history in the making.

Posted by Amanda Suhan