Monday, March 23, 2015

Bulls n' tags

Have you watch the second episode of AC-TV yet? This episode is called "Bull n' Tags" and has a large focus on the bull sale season and the new Angus tag products.

I, Karla Ness, had a great time collecting footage for this episode and certainly learned many new things. The episode starts with our head registrar, Stacy Price, explaining how to transfer your animals correctly and giving tips to make transfers go smoothly.  One thing that Stacy stresses is make sure you provide a sale date!! We then move into interviews with some of the field staff that work for the CAA. I was able to get 4 out of the 6 Field Staff interviewed and will collect the other 2 interviews for future episodes. Our field staff are very busy right now as there are many bull sales across the nation right now! What a great bull sale season we have seen so far!

Next we have a feature story about the CAA research projects. I went to Kinsella to visit the Roy Berg Research Station there. I am originally from north of Lougheed so Kinsella is only 20 minutes from our farm. I had no idea the research station was as big as it is! I was truly impressed and was able to learn about many different projects that they have going on right now. I took my dad along with me and he enjoyed learning first hand about the CAA project and we are looking at how we can breed more efficient beef cattle. Tom from Livestock Gentec was the one that I interviewed and he did a great job explaining the project. I hope that we can see some results and get more efficient cattle soon! I learned that 60-70% of a producers cost is feed so it would be nice if we could cut that down!

Colton Hamilton from Belvin Angus was the winner of the "2014 Outstanding Young Angus Breeder" award. In this episode you can learn more about Colton and how he has been involved with the Angus Breed. I find it pretty neat all the places that Colton has gone around the world with the Angus breed. GOAL conference recap follows the piece on Colton. GOAL this year was in Guelph and I was able to attend the conference! It was a lot of fun and it seemed like the kids enjoyed themselves as well. The CJAA always does a great job organizing this event. Next year it will be in our nation's capital- Ottawa!

The Lakeland Student Managed Farm has a purebred unit and they have chosen to use black angus for the project. I travelled to Vermillion (again not far from where I grew up) and learned about the SMF purebred unit. Grayden Kay is the general manager of the unit and has 11 other students helping him to make sure that all angles are covered. They have positions like public relations manager, herd health manager, finance manager and more. I think it is an excellent program that allows the students to learn about how many different roles it takes to be successful in the beef business. I recently went to their beef day where they sold the bulls that they raised through the program. Very good sale and solid 12 bulls that they sold!

The episode ends with information about the new Angus tag products that are now available to our breeders. There are many colors now and a new Angus insignia!!
I think that this episode is very informative and I hope that you do too!

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Stay tuned for the next episode coming June 22!

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