Wednesday, May 17, 2017

10 Reasons Why You Should Come to the CAA National Convention

Each year your Canadian Angus Association in partnership with a regional Angus association and local member volunteers put together the National Convention, an event for all members to participate, learn and enjoy themselves. This year we “Go Home to where it all began in 1905” to Brandon, Manitoba on June 8th–11th. Everyone is welcome! If you have never been to a CAA National Convention before, we’ve gathered a list of reasons why you should attend.

10. Have some fun
There are a variety of events and time dedicated to socializing and visiting interesting places in the host city. Thursday night’s President’s Reception and Friday’s BBQ are two excellent opportunities to kick back and enjoy time spent with friends in the business.

9. Learn something new
Panelists and speakers from the Canadian beef industry will provide updates and information relevant to all producers and participants in our industry.

8. Buy Angus swag or tags at the A-Store, save the shipping costs and take home free gifts
You can never have enough Angus swag! If you are looking for clothing or large quantities of 
items you can order ahead and pick them up during Convention.

7. Participate in the Building the Legacy 6 fundraiser auction live
There is no sale like it; the electricity in the room during the sale is something to be experienced in person.

6. Meet new people
Each year Convention attracts people from across Canada and there are always a few international guests in attendance as well. Everyone there shares a common passion – ANGUS! 

5. Catch up with old friends and acquaintances
Besides meeting new people, Convention is an excellent time to catch up with people from the past. Long breaks and ample social time are perfect for catching up and don’t forget about the hospitality suite each night.

4. See a different part of Canada, their culture and their cows
Canada is a diverse and wonderful country. Each region has its own specialties and sights. See a sampling of those in Brandon with the tours on Thursday and Friday. Or spend some extra time there after the event and visit with local producers.

3. Ask questions of leaders of the industry who are speaking at the event and hear what is happening in the Canadian beef industry
CAA strives to bring the most relevant and informative speakers to the event so that you can have access to the experts in our field. Hear their presentations, ask questions and visit with them during the day. Our speakers love it when you interact with them.

2. Talk to the Board of Directors face-to-face and have your thoughts and opinions heard
Your CAA Board of Directors works hard to lead the organization and makes decisions based on input from the members. The entire Board will be in attendance so be sure to talk to any of them if you have questions or comments and join them on Saturday morning for Breakfast with the Board which is time specifically set aside for this.

1. Learn what is new at CAA
The Board and staff members at your Association are constantly working to improve services and programs to enhance your experience as a member. Convention is an excellent opportunity to hear what is happening and provide input for the future. 


Posted by Cheryl Hazenberg