Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 2 at the WAF: Cows, Dishes and Rain

Well day two at the World Angus Forum was the day we got to meet our girls. Looks can be deceiving under all the dirt and grime and when we finally got them washed the hair didn't seem too bad for the beginning of summer here! The other teams were razzing us about how long and slanted our stall was as theirs were high and short. There was lots of excitement around the barns today as there was a vet called due to a minor clipping incident.

Today in the team challenge we may not have held our own, putting in posts the old-fashioned way. We may not have won the challenge but we sure did our best and we will get the next round.

The weather has been kinda gloomy as it rained off and on all day.  The food has been plentiful and delicious. The only downside to supper was we had to do dishes... which was painful. Forty plates doesn't seem that many until they are piled up by the sink.  The upside to supper was that our team didn't get fined. We have been well entertained by the Aussies and the Kiwis making the trip very enjoyable and well worth it. We look forward to the days to come!

Posted by Erika Easton

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Youth Teams Are New Zealand-Bound

The Western Canadian youth team competitors

Well, the team's all here! Or at least those of us from Western Canada are. I can't speak for those that are flying out of Toronto, but we will all meet up in LA and then make the 13-hour flight to New Zealand together. As you can see, we are all decked out in our Angus finest.

A few weeks ago (as if we needed another reason to be excited about this trip), we got packages in the mail from the CAA with our new Team Canada jackets and golf shirts for the agrisports competition. The shirts were ordered in case the weather was too hot to wear the jackets, but judging by the emails we have been getting from CEO Rob who is already over there, maybe we should have ordered matching mittens! Apparently it is snowing! 

Youth team apparel

Although it sounds like many of us were too excited to sleep much last night, everyone is looking wide awake and excited to get on the plane. Although no one seems that excited for the many hours we will spend on a plane in the next 48 hours, everyone is ready to get on with the  getting there. We are quite excited about everything from seeing their cattle and scenery to networking with Angus breeders from across the world and bungee jumping! Everyone is packed and ready to go and we are all prepared to represent Canada well once we get there. And just to let everyone know (because I know there were some of you who were concerned) I managed to pack for the two weeks in one suitcase that weighed in at 49.6 pounds!

Posted by Stacey Domolewski