Friday, April 29, 2011

Canadian Angus Breeder Handbook

Are you up to date with the artificial insemination regulations? Do you know what the requirements are to register an embryo transplant calf? Do you know which genetic defects the Canadian Angus has addressed in the genetic defect policy? Would you like to learn more about the Canadian Angus Performance Program and how to analyze EPD reports? Do you want tips on marketing your purebred Angus animals, and would you like to learn how the Canadian Angus Association can assist your commercial customers with the marketing of their animals if they are 50% Angus and have purchased Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tags?

The staff of the Canadian Angus Association released the revised Breeder Handbook in January. It is available on our website. We encourage you to use this resource, and to provide us with feedback. It is a valuable tool for all members.