Monday, May 14, 2018

Canadian Junior Angus - Beef 2018

I’ve only been in Australia for 4 days now but what a whirlwind it has been! I started my travels on the 6th and arrived on the morning of 8th and I’m sure everyone there could tell I was Canadian because for the flights I had donned a Canucks T-shirt, Lululemon leggings, and Manitoba mukluk moccasin flats. When I finally arrived in Rockhampton (the beef capital of Australia) my friend from the World Angus Forum last year, Chloe Gould, picked me up and we went straight to the show grounds.

Tuesday consisted of meeting people around the barns and touring the grounds. Being that Rockhampton is farther north in the country the number of Bos Indicus breeds vastly outnumbered the number of Bos Taurus breeds however, there was still a good representation of Angus cattle. In Australia the Red and Black Associations are separate but interestingly enough the Brangus breed recognizes reds and blacks together. This was my first time seeing breeds like the Brahman, Brangus, and Droughtmaster among others and they have a number of impressive outfits at this show.

Wednesday was an early morning as I helped Chloe and her crew get their 14 head ready for the day. After the cattle were washed, fed, and watered I headed to the show rings to watch the Brangus show. I was fortunate enough to have a great view of the show from the comfort of the international lounge in the shade and air conditioning as the weather was a humid 29 degrees. It was evident that the Angus influence added improved muscle, shape, and maternal characteristics to the cattle while also being more heat tolerant because of the Brahman influence. After this I watched the Red Angus show which was small in numbers but the quality wasn’t compromised.

Thursday was a very early morning as it was Angus show morning. We were at the barns by 1 am to start washing the cattle and from there the day sped on. I wasn’t able to watch the entire show as I was fitting but from seeing the cattle in the barns there was a competitive and impressive line-up. The farm did quite well and won several titles including Grand Champion Female with their two year old pair. Promptly following the end of the show we had to gear up for the Interbreed Supreme Championship in the late afternoon. I had the honour of showing the calf on the pair during the Supreme show and we made the top 10, but a Charolais two year old pair won the Supreme Female title. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience.  Showing in a Supreme competition overseas isn’t something I had even thought of prior to this.

Today, because the cattle shows are over, I had a chance to tour through the penned show cattle and visit some of the booths around the grounds. I met some wonderful people with Angus Australia and saw some cutting edge technologies for autonomous handling being developed by the University of Sydney, among numerous other exhibits.

I will be staying in Rockhampton area until the 13th and then I will travel down to Sydney area for some farm tours and a few days of tourist things until the 25th when I return home. The heat has taken some getting used to but besides that I have been having the most amazing time here. Everyone’s so hospitable and welcoming  - it has been outstanding and I’m looking forward to the rest of my trip!

Macy Liebreich
Junior Ambassador

Macy Leibreich, Junior Ambassador

Friday, May 11, 2018

10 reasons why you should come to the 2018 National Convention

Each year your Canadian Angus Association in partnership with local member volunteers put together the National Convention, an event for all members, commercial producers, and industry representatives to participate, learn, network, and have some fun.  This year “The Future: Red, Black and Green” is in Comox, British Columbia, June 7th – 10th. Everyone is welcome and if you have never been to a CAA National Convention before then we’ve gathered a list of a few reasons why you should attend.

10. Have some fun – There are a variety of events and time dedicated to socializing and visiting interesting places in the host region.  Thursday night’s President’s Reception and Friday’s BBQ are two excellent opportunities to kick back and enjoy time spent with friends in the business. 

9. Learn something new – Panelists and speakers from around the Canadian beef industry will provide updates and information relevant to all producers and participants in our industry.
8. Buy Canadian Angus RFID tags, save the shipping costs and cross a to-do item off your list.

7. Participate in the Building the Legacy Sale 7 Live – There is no sale like it, the electricity in the room during the sale is something to be experienced in person. 

6. Meet new people – Each year Convention attracts people from across Canada and there are always a few international guests in attendance as well.  Everyone there shares a common passion – ANGUS!

5. Catch up with old friends and acquaintances – Besides meeting new people, Convention is an excellent time to catch up with people from the past.  Long breaks and ample social time is perfect for catching up and don’t forget about the hospitality suite each night. 

4. See a different part of Canada, their culture and their cattle – Canada is a diverse and wonderful country, each region has its own specialties and sights.  See a sampling of those on Vancouver Island with the tours on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  Or spend some extra time there before or after the event and visit with local producers. 

3. Have the chance to ask questions to leaders of the industry who are speaking at the event and hear what is happening in Canadian beef in general.  Your Canadian Angus Association strives to bring the most relevant and informative speakers to the event so that you can have access to the experts in our field.  Hear their presentations, ask questions and visit with them during the day.  Our speakers love it when you interact with them. 

2. Talk to the Board of Directors face to face and have your thoughts & opinions heard – Your Board of Directors works hard to lead the organization and makes decisions based on input from the members.  The entire Board will be in attendance so be sure to talk to any of them if you have questions or comments and join them on Saturday morning for Breakfast with the Board which is time specifically set aside for this. 

1. Learn what is new at Canadian Angus – The Board and staff members at your Association are constantly working hard to improve services and programs to enhance your experience as a member.  Convention is an excellent opportunity to hear what is happening and provide input for the future.

Crown Isle Resort

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Building the Legacy 7 Announcement - 3

The Canadian Angus Foundation is pleased to announce these extraordinary donations to our 7th annual "Building the Legacy" fundraiser auction occurring on Saturday, June 9th, 2018 in Comox, BC as well as online.

Pick-of-the-Herd Heifer Calf
Donated by Crescent Creek Angus
Wes & Kim Olynyk - Goodeve, SK
From one of Canada's Heritage Angus herds, you get your choice of their entire 2018 heifer calf crop!

This is one of those rare opportunities that come around as rarely as finding gold on a fishing trip.

To celebrate their 65th anniversary with Angus cattle (purebreds came a few years later), the Olynyk family, one of our Canadian Angus 'royal' families - awarded their 50-Year Heritage Award in 2005 - are giving you a 'chance of a lifetime'!

(Lassie 42Y) The Lassie cow family is prolific at Crescent Creek. They were the foundation cow family for the WOS tattoo at Crescent Creek Angus.
(Rosebud 115F) The impact Crescent Creek Rosebud 115F has made on multiple Angus herds throughout Canada is immeasurable.  She was named Premier Dam at the 2009 World Angus Forum in Calgary.

(Queen Ruth 14W) Another widely recognized cow family at Crescent Creek.
From Wes: "We find it an exciting opportunity to get a chance to select from the heart of a program known for strong cow families. The strength of our program does not revolve around AI sires but rather strong walking bulls representing prolific cow families. We believe the strength of many herds is the result of such walking bulls. Our program offers outcross pedigrees that could very well be valuable in establishing the next great one. The offering is the culmination of 65 years of breeding purebred Angus cattle. The traits this maternal breed is known for has led to our breeding philosophy."

-The choice of any WOS or DTZ tattoo calendar year heifer calf. Choice to be made by October 1, 2018, preferably on a warm fall day, so one can enjoy a steak supper & refreshment. This year's selection will be from one of the largest heifer offerings we've ever had. Popular AI bulls include:
MAR Innovation 251
EF Commando 1366
PA Fortitude 2500
HA Counselor 5118
Vintage AI sires:
LT Bandwagon 3105
OGL Battlecry 427
Popular walking bulls:
Chapman Memento 3589
HA Outside 5161, who is a paternal brother to HA Cowboy Up
Crescent Creek Entrepreneur 105A, a Rito 707 grandson
Crescent Creek Fortune 169C, a Stevenson Fortune 425C grandson
Crescent Creek Alternative 516, SITZ Alliance 6595 grandson
S McCoy 373
Canadian Sired Fleury Bardolene 115B

Crescent Creek offers to keep the female at the farm free of charge for the duration of her life.  All resulting offspring will be revenue shared at 50% with no expense to the buyer.

CCA 48E - sells on April 7th
CCA 28E - sells on April 7th

Wes & Kim Olynyk (306) 876-4420
Orie, Danny, Katie and Wade
Irene Olynyk (306) 876-4400
Goodeve, SK, Canada

Please join Crescent Creek Angus - the Olynyk family - for their 20th Annual Bull and Female Sale on Saturday April 7th, 2018 at the farm 1 mile East & 3 Miles North of Goodeve on Crescent Creek Road. Lunch is served at noon with the sale to follow at 1:00 p.m.

Semen Donation
 10 straws of semen (2 x 5) offered for the first time EVER on Bar S Range Boss 4002!
 Donated by the Liebreich family of Merit Cattle Co. - Radville, SK.

Range Boss was found in Kansas by the Liebreich's friend, Riley Lafrentz, who thought they would be interested in this unique breeding piece. His structure is impeccable and he consistently passes that on to his progeny. Range Boss checks a lot of boxes. He's got a great look and presence about him. He's long bodied, deep sided and easy fleshing, with great hair, good scrotal and feet and a disposition that is second to none. The Pride cow family at Bar S is a cornerstone in their operation. He's really stamped his progeny and his sons and daughters have been equally in demand, including at their bull sale last Monday. His sons have met great acceptance being highlighted by Merit Sting who sold ½ interest in the Masterpiece at Agribition to Double F for $52,000. A daughter, Merit Flora 6078 is a popular many-time champion including Grand Champion Female at the Weyburn Regional, Champion Owned Female at Showdown, and Reserve Champion Female at Lloydminster Stockade Roundup Gold Show. Another daughter was selected last year by Poplar Meadows as the $15,000 high selling 'Pick of the Herd Heifer Calf' donation to last year's edition of Building the Legacy. His first daughters calved this spring and display impeccable udder structure. Range Boss is poised to become the next generation foundation sire at Merit. And you can build on this very foundation!

Rare Angus Collectible
Donated by Belinda Wagner


From the 'Rob Holowaychuk Collection' and donated to us by our Foundation Executive Director Belinda Wagner (2017 BMO Women in Agriculture award recipient, by the way!), please see these two special Hycroft plates.

Hycroft China Ltd. operated from 1955 until 1989 at the former plant site of Medicine Hat Potteries. Mayor Harry Veiner is credited with taking over the failing operation and producing sanitary ware such as toilets and sinks and their well-known dishes, such as these plates. The plant is now part of The Friends of Medalta world-class museum in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Rob scoured the antique shops and garage sales of our country in search of these rare Angus plates, and Belinda is donating the 'fruits of his search' in BtL7. In honouring one of our Foundation's greatest supporters, the memory and meaning of Rob's appreciation for these collectibles is even more valuable than the plates themselves. Please consider making them part of your Angus collection! 

We will be featuring more donations monthly between now and the fundraiser on June 9th, both through The Angus Word as well as social media and, perhaps, some special e-blast announcements. If you are interesting in donating something to our greatest of Canadian Angus causes, please do not hesitate to contact "Building the Legacy 7" Chair Shawn Birmingham:

And plan to be part of the action at Convention in Comox!

Celebrating 50 Years of Red Angus Registrations in Canada in 2018

April 3 marks 50 years of Red Angus registrations in Canada. And while the Canadian Angus Association celebrates 50 years of Red Angus registrations in 2018, Red Angus have been in Canada much longer than 50 years, and that is also worth celebrating.

The first record of Red Angus in Canada is the recorded importation of a red cow from Scotland in 1886. Rancher Matthew Cochrane imported red Angus from Scotland in 1889 for his ranch west of Calgary, Alberta.

Volume I of the Canadian Angus Herdbook was published in 1908. Red Angus females were included but red males were excluded. On March 15, 1921, the CAA bylaws were amended and all Red Angus cattle were excluded. This decision would stand until April 3, 1968 when the Minister of Agriculture officially approved that Red Angus cattle be eligible for registration.

Although Red Angus were banned from the Canadian herdbook, several breeders accumulated herds of Red Angus cattle and registered them with the Red Angus Association of America after it was chartered in 1954. When red cattle were once again permitted in the Canadian Angus herdbook, the supply of Canadian-born Red Angus was very limited and breeders turned to the United States to find breeding stock.

The Mackenzie Bros. of Alberta were the first to import red Angus males and females from the United States to Canada. They purchased one herd sire, Beckton Larkebelang 130, one cow/calf pair and two bred heifers from Beckton Stock Farm in Wyoming in 1962. This breeding stock came from Red Angus pioneers Waldo and Sally Forbes who were instrumental in the formation of the Red Angus Association of America. Two years later in 1964, Don Mackenzie sold the first Red Angus bull in Canada.

When the Canadian Angus herdbook was opened to Red Angus in 1968, the Association offered to register all Red Angus cattle under the age of 24 months at the lowest price point, allowing Red Angus breeders an affordable opportunity to populate the herdbook and register their herds.

In 1969 Mark Mackenzie had the first Canadian-registered Red Angus bull to sell at auction in Canada. The first Canadian-raised purebred Red Angus bull, Red Mac 15Z, was sold at the Calgary Bull Sale in 1970 for $1,800. A year later, Red Stormalong 3A was a Calgary Bull Sale champion. He sold for $7,200.

In 1972 a group of 12 Red Angus cattle breeders from Alberta and Saskatchewan formed the Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society to specifically promote Red Angus cattle. And in 1978, Don Mackenzie became the first Red Angus breeder elected to the Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors.

Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Angus breeders dedicated to red hide colour, 50 years later, Red Angus account for more than 40% of Canada’s national Angus herd. The Canadian Angus Association is proud to recognize and applaud those efforts.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Building the Legacy 7 Announcement - 2

We are pleased to present the next of our highlighted lots for the 2018 edition of the Canadian Angus Foundation Building the Legacy fundraiser auction!

Pick of the 2018-born Heifer Calves
Donated by Red Moon Angus
Jim & Shirley and Tom & Charlotte Moon - Vanderhoof, BC

Jim, Shirley, Tom and Charlotte Moon


Pick-of-the-Herd-2018-Born-Heifer Calf from Red Moon Angus of Vanderhoof, BC.

Their farm is located in the central interior of British Columbia with the home town of Vanderhoof. Moon's are the typical rural Canadian family: they take their cattle and their ice hockey seriously. They are a family farm raising functional and sound Red Angus cattle, with particular attention applied to feet, legs and structure in our herd. The Red Moon herd of breeding females are selected for their strong maternal strengths, udders and structure. They use both AI and walking bulls, always searching for the best sires to complement their females.

The Moon family - Jim & Shirley and Tom & Charlotte - are offering you the opportunity to select from their over 40-50 head of Red Angus heifer calves. Red Moon's recent breeding includes genetics from Canadian Directors' Lorraine Sanford and families' Nine Mile Ranch, Quesnel, BC and Tracey Willms' and families' Wilbar Farms, Dundurn, SK. The Moons' focus on calving ease, structure, maternal traits, moderate frames, muscle and performance. They change their sires every two years to ensure fresh genetics for their customers and in-herd replacements.

We so appreciate the kindness and generosity of the Moon family for making an historic
donation of a 'Pick-of-the-Herd' to our Canadian Angus Foundation! Their 2018 heifer calves are available for your selection and choosing anytime. They would appreciate it if you could have your decision made by the middle of August and the family is thrilled to show you around and provide you all the information you need to make your outstanding, herd-building selection.

Here are some of their great recent heifer calves to give you a sample. Red Moon believes the 2018 heifer calf crop is their best one yet... and YOU can have YOUR pick of 'em all!!! Thank you so much, Moon family!!!

Be sure to check out Red Moon's consignments - Lots 500 to 520 - in the Northern Alliance Bull Sale! EVERYONE is invited to attend Red Moon Angus' "Northern Alliance Bull Sale" on Saturday, March 24th, 2018: Fort Fraser, BC at the Belsham Farm.  View their sale catalogue here.

Semen: Choice from any Canadian qualified bull at Alta Genetics
minimum of 10 units each to total of 30 units
Donated by Alta Genetics

Alta is repeating history this year and offering 3 lots of 10 units each of any Alta bull that qualifies for Canada. You can choose from every Canadian-qualified bull in Alta Genetics inventory for a minimum 10 units each and a total of 30 units, including the bulls pictured here. Please join me in offering our enormous thanks to Terry and the Alta Genetics team, one of three donors (along with Blairs.Ag and Miller Wilson) who have generously supported all seven of our "Building the Legacy" fundraiser auctions. They truly are a Canadian Angus "Legacy Best Friend". 

Terry White says that Alta Genetics has, "A lot of exciting new sires to choose from!" and the list is growing every week through this 2018 bull sale season!

Aberdeen Angus Figurines
Donated by James Arnott - Coul Angus 

CAA Member James Arnott, the proud Scotsman who did such a great job organizing us at the World Angus Forum last year, and who always supports BtL with both donations and purchases, has done it again! He has donated an Angus cow and bull from the Border Fine Arts Pottery Company collection.
Border Fine Arts create realistic wildlife and domestic livestock figurines and countryside scenes. The company was founded in 1974 by John Hammond initially producing for a short time bronze and silver figurines, and later hand-painted figurines after a suggestion from a customer. Border Fine Arts now has a world-wide reputation for the quality of its wildlife and livestock studies with a growing interest in early editions whose value is increasing significantly. Many of the Border pieces reflect a mix of British culture and wildlife such as the very popular James Herriot Collection.
Appropriately, the ABERDEEN ANGUS FAMILY GROUP (2005) is designed & hand made in Scotland and James donates this bull and cow BRAND NEW IN BOX. This item can be shipped worldwide. The Aberdeen Angus Cow is  A5277 and the Aberdeen Angus Bull is A5234.

If you collect agriculture artifacts and, even better, Angus figurines, you will want to add James's outstanding donation to your collection.


The Building the Legacy fundraiser auction will take place during our annual National Convention on Saturday, June 9th following the Convention Banquet hosted by BC Angus at the Crown Isle Resort in Comox, BC. Registration for Convention is open--please visit