Friday, August 19, 2011

Canadian Angus Association Presents Eastern Canada Feedlot of the Year Award to Ferme d’Anjou et Fils

Left to right: Jerome Richard, Canadian Angus Association Director for Quebec; Wayne Gallup, Canadian Angus Association Fieldman; Jean Francois D'Anjou, Ferme d'Anjou et Fils; Guy D'Anjou, Ferme d’Anjou et Fils; John Donaldson, 2009 President Canadian Angus Association

Ferme d’Anjou et Fils of Quebec received the Canadian Angus Association’s Eastern Canada Feedlot of the Year award in recognition of their work feeding and promoting Angus and Angus cross cattle. Commercial Fieldman Brian Good presented the award at the Quebec Feedlot Society’s field day.

Ferme d’Anjou et Fils is located in Saint-Agapit, Quebec and is managed by Guy D’Anjou and his son Jean-Franรงois. The feedlot annually finishes between 4,000 and 5,000 head of mostly Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tagged Angus and Angus-influence cattle for shipment to Ontario and American markets. Guy believes it is critical that the cattle he purchases are identified with an Angus tag that certifies the animal has at least 50% Angus genetics.

Ferme d’Anjou et Fils is a comprehensive enterprise. In addition to the feedlot, Guy operates a cattle transport company in cooperation with one of his sons, and operates Angus Zone restaurant and Les Viandes Chez Nous butcher shop with his family. Angus Zone and Les Viandes Chez Nous both offer Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed beef supplied by the Ferme d’Anjou et Fils feedlot.

The Canadian Angus Association introduced the Feedlot the Year award this year to recognize feedlots that promote Angus to their customers and that feed Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tagged cattle. The award for Western Canada was presented to High Ridge Feeders and Shannondale Farm of Manitoba at our annual general meeting in June.

Posted by Tina Zakowsky