Friday, January 27, 2012

Hitting the Consumer Target

This week Michael, Brian, David, CAA president, and a few other Angus seedstock producers attended a session sponsored by Certified Angus Beef called Hitting the Consumer Target. The event was held in Lethbridge and was targeted to feedlot operators. There were well over 120 people in attendance which shows there is incredible interest in Angus from our commercial sector. Several of the speakers spoke to what consumers are demanding. They are looking for a higher quality product, essentially product graded AAA. It was also shown that feedlots would still prefer to implant animals with various growth promotants, which may cause animals to grade lower. In order for feedlots to realize premiums for quality grade they need to start with genetics that allow them to implant the animals, and even in the event they lose marbling, they will still achieve a AAA quality grade. As more Canadian consumers and retailers look for a higher graded product, it will cause the demand to strengthen and increase the premiums paid for that product. This puts Angus producers in a great position. Consumers not only recognize the name Angus as being of high quality, but they are also looking for the product that Angus delivers.

Lethbridge Herald posted a news release about the conference:

Posted by Michael Latimer