Friday, September 10, 2010

Showing Angus at this Fall's Gold Shows?

The Canadian Angus Association 2010 Gold Show season started in July and continues through the end of November. The Gold Show program was developed in 1989 by the Canadian Angus Association to provide an incentive for breeders to move between regions to show cattle. Each year we present four awards: Black Show Bull of the Year; Red Show Bull of the Year; Black Show Female of the Year; Red Show Female of the Year.

If you plan to show animals that you have not yet registered, please contact the Registry department and start the registration process as soon as possible. We cannot make exceptions to our registration policies for Gold Show animals, so please ensure that you leave plenty of time for possible parentage spot tests, genetic defect testing requirements, and to provide missing information. All animals entered in Canadian Angus Association sponsored Gold Shows must be registered before the show.

You may want to mark your registration RUSH on the outside of your envelope or the cover page of your fax to ensure your animals will be registered in time for the show. Don't wait for the last minute to register your animals and risk not being able to participate!

In accordance with the Canadian Angus Association's Environmental Policy, the use of paint and colouring on animals in Association-sponsored shows is prohibited. The Board of Directors is responsible for checking all animals entering the show ring and refusing entry to any with paint or artificial colouring.

Please visit the Gold Show page on our website for more information.

Posted by Tina Zakowsky