Friday, May 27, 2011

Canadian Angus Beef in the Netherlands

On a recent trip through the Netherlands and Belgium, I had the opportunity to meet with the owners of the Mondani Restaurant in Lochem, Netherlands. The Mondani Restaurant is a Canadian themed restaurant approximately 1 hour east of Amsterdam. The restaurant encompasses all things Canadian. From the West Coast Native American art and the murals of the Rocky Mountains to the menu which features Canadian beef, bison and salmon as well as Moosehead beer.

Currently they are purchasing Heritage Angus Beef and they are thrilled with the product. They told me a wonderful story about a Canadian that was dining at the restaurant just the week prior to my visit. This gentleman was talking with the owners after the meal and said that the steak he had was better than what he ever had at home.

With the import regulations imposed by the European Union, it is hard to get Canadian beef into the Netherlands. The EU is a huge potential market that Canadian producers and export companies are not taking advantage of. Recognizing that Heritage Angus Beef and a few of our other Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Participants are currently shipping into the EU, I don’t want to take away from what they are doing by any means. However, I truly believe there is a much larger market there that would welcome Canadian Angus Beef with open arms.

Consider as a producer taking the time to do some research into specialty programs which may or may not serve the EU market. Raising cattle includes marketing them; you cannot be successful in the cattle business unless you sell your animals. One rule of marketing is to differentiate your product from the others available. What better way to do that then to meet certain niche market criteria such as the markets that our Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed participants meet. While there will always be a outlet for traditionally raised beef in Canada, niche markets are not going away either. Diversify, Diversify and Diversify. Now is the perfect time to find out what programs are available through the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Program and to find out which criteria you meet now and which ones you may meet in the future. Some of our participants also need traditionally raised beef but now is the time to find out not the day before you plan to sell your calves in the fall.

Posted by Cheryl Hazenberg