Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rider Pride and the Big Moose

We have been working for almost a month and the time has flown by. Each day we get to work on different tasks. This makes work very interesting and keeps things exciting. We as interns are definitely not working and doing the same thing each and every day. I personally really enjoy this aspect of the internship. There is no time to be bored with the projects that you are working on because they change before you can become bored with them.

Over the past two weeks I have traveled to some more schools, wrote an article, worked on some graphic design projects, started to make a video and continued to book more school presentations. One of the last schools that I visited was in Avonlea. I presented to 50 kids in grades 3-6. I thought that having the large spread of ages would be difficult but it turned out great. The older kids asked questions that helped me explain more to the group as a whole. The kids really enjoy dressing up as representatives of the beef industry and seeing what their fellow classmates had to put on in front of the class. I would say that the store clerk and consumer costumes that I have get the best reactions from the kids. Whoever is the clerk has the stereotypical clerk visor and the consumer gets to hold a baby. I really enjoy teaching the kids and it is rewarding to get asked questions and hear their comments after you are done with your presentation. Avonlea is a small town southwest of Regina. It is a very interesting town. I have discovered that the people of Saskatchewan are very loyal to the Roughriders. The town of Avonlea is proof of this fan pride. They had blocks of the town called Riderville and some houses or garages had been completely painted green. The Saskatchewan people are serious! 

Another project that I have worked on is an article for the Angus Edge in Saskatchewan. The main topic of the article was the use of social media in the agriculture industry and how it can be an advantage to producers. Social media has grown into a large tool that if utilized effectively can be a new avenue to market your business. Almost every Canadian, 86% to be exact, has a Facebook profile and checks or updates their Facebook page daily. Social media is important! The article just scrapes the surface of the ways you can use social media to help create buzz about your business.

Next year’s National Convention will be held in Moose Jaw. I was fortunate to attend the committee meeting where they started to bounce ideas off of each other. This was a great opportunity for me to meet and put a face to the Saskatchewan directors. I did some filming and picture taking to use in an upcoming project. I am eager to get started on this project this week.

The next while is going to be busy with regional shows and more schools. We are doing a presentation at 4-H on Parade in Calgary at the end of May. Katelyn and I will be working together at this event. I think this is going to be a great opportunity for us as 47 4-H clubs will be there. As time flies by we are all getting ready to work in the Cattle Trail at the Calgary Stampede, Summer Synergy and Showdown in Armstrong, B.C. Summer 2013 is shaping up to be one for the books I think!

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Posted by Karla Ness
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