Friday, October 17, 2014

This week in Angus Sales

We have received one great news story after another this week from our field staff. All are reporting fantastic Angus sales with great prices. We've been posting updates on Twitter and Facebook, but we're so pleased with the results that we're summarizing them here:

October 14th
Lois McRae reports from Heartland in Brandon, MB during their first Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed feeder calf sale: among the highlights are 61 black steers weighing 670 lbs and selling for $2.8550/lb for a per head gross of $1913. Highest price today was $3.1050 for 664 weights. Pretty steamy!

October 15th
Cudlobe Angus (the Bolduc family) held their first-ever "Cudlobe-influence" feeder calf video sale today for their bull customers in Stavely, AB. There were over 2,400 head of Cudlobe genetics-sired calves, mostly black but some red as well, and almost all bearing the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed ear tag. Every consignor sold with the new CAA "Performance Endorsement", which is pictured here with Jeff Davies and Dyce Bolduc. Steer calves mostly ranged in weight from 525-560 lbs. and sold for $2.8850-$3.0075/lb to average $1,591/head. Heifer calves weighed 450-525 lbs, sold for $2.6925-$2.8450/lb, averaging $1,365/head. Consignors like the Giles family indicate their calves sold for $700-$800 more this year, in this format, than in 2013. Most of the calves sold to eastern Canadian buyers and feeders. CAA Director of Field Services Brian Good attended the sale and says, "Today is a great day for Angus. I've never seen so many people walking out of a sale barn with more and bigger smiles on their faces. There was a big crowd who stuck around for a great Cudlobe prime rib lunch and to visit... when was the last time we saw that?"

Peter Van Staveren reports from Ontario via Twitter:  Close to 500 Angus influenced sold at Kawartha Lakes in Woodville ON 600wts steers sold for 2.20-2.73.

There are still lots of Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Feeder Sales left. Find one near you by visiting or checking out our events calendar.

Posted by Tina Zakowsky