Friday, May 18, 2012

This is Just The Beginning: Summer Internship so Far

Wow, it has been a busy two weeks since starting at the Canadian Angus Association. Our training began on the first of May in Calgary.  It was soon dubbed ‘Cassie’s boot camp’ because of the many hours we were engaged in developing workshops and promotional material to give out at 4-H shows and in schools. While in Calgary we also met with Cameron Horner from Alberta 4-H to discuss working with 4-H to promote the heifer project, and learned about the many different positions within the association.

in our school presentation kids get to
dress up and see the stages of beef production
After this whirlwind week Erin and I parted ways and returned home to start promoting. Since then I have attended 5 schools (one I attended four grade 4 class rooms in two days). The kids were very interested in seeing what beef animals were fed and how we take care of them. When the 4-H program and junior Angus programs were mentioned kids were very enthusiastic, they liked the programs we had to offer and thought that raising  their own cow would be ‘fun’ and ‘neat’. I left all the kids with registration forms for our junior associations and hopefully we see an increase in membership!

talking to some young 4-Hers about showing heifers
 I am currently working on a presentation that I will be giving to an entire elementary school on Tuesday with lots of pictures of junior Angus events. As 4-H show and sale season is just beginning to kick off I have had the opportunity to attend two of them recently. First was Rimbey, it was a beautiful day with lots of young and enthusiastic members. I talked to a lot of kids about the heifer project. These clubs all must have done a very good job at recruiting because I had a lot of first year 4-Hers tell me that they were only taking in a steer to start with but next year they wanted to have a heifer too. From there I headed over to Wetaskiwin  to attend their show and sale. This district had more older members who were interested in the CJAA . In both clubs I talked with both the enthusiastic  juniors and also their parents who were for the most part were very supportive of the heifer program. I also answered a few questions about our green tag program and the Canadian Angus Association. Overall it has been a very eventful two and a half weeks.

 As school starts to slow down and 4-H shows begin it is scheduled to be a very eventful month, I can’t wait to continue promoting Angus, and will see all of you from the Brooks area at their show and sale May 28th.
this quote got the attention of a lot of 4-Hers
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