Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Share Your Angus History Story

The Canadian Angus Foundation is creating a new Canadian Angus history book, the first since 1985. This is a huge and exciting undertaking that we need all Canadian Angus Association members to help with: we need you to tell us your Angus story. 

The Foundation has enlisted the assistance of members Doug and Linda Henderson to help collect our members' stories. We want to know how you got your start in the Angus business, what memories stand out, what you're most proud of, what your Angus operation has contributed to your lifeas much or as little of your Angus history as you want to share. 

There are many opportunities to share your history: 

  1.  Watch for Doug and Linda out and about at Angus events all year long. When you see them, join them for a cup of coffee and tell them your story.
  2.  Call Doug and Linda at (403) 782-3888 to tell them your story
  3.   Call Tina Zakowsky at Angus Central (1-888-571-3580 ext 3584) to share your story
  4.  Send Tina an email (tzakowsky@cdnangus.ca) to share your story
  5.  Submit your story online at http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07ec8lyzjqikeso4ra/start
We want to hear from every single member, no matter how large or small. Every story matters and every story is worthy of inclusion in this comprehensive book. So much has changed in the last 30 years. Personal computers had only been on the market for a short time in 1985 and today we have just as much computing power if not more in the palms of our hands with mobile phones and tablets. While many of the breeders featured in Lloyd Pickard's 1985 Canadian Angus History Update are still active, many of today's prominent breeders had not started their herds in 1985. We will continue to see changes in technology and world leadership as we gather the stories and compile them into a great history book. Please help us capture this moment in time and preserve this generation of Angus history for the next generations of breeders who haven't even been born yet.

Posted by Tina Zakowsky
Feedback: tzakowsky@cdnangus.ca