Monday, March 14, 2016

Tag Incentives for your Bull Buyers

Bull sale time naturally gets many people talking and thinking about the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tag program. A registered Angus bull transferred into your name is all that it takes to qualify to purchase the tags. The tags visually and electronically identify calves with minimum 50% Angus genetics, the only guarantee of Angus genetics aside from registration papers for purebreds. 

Many Canadian Angus Association members take advantage of our tag gift certificate program. The gift certificates (which can be downloaded at provide an incentive for customers to purchase your bulls or make a nice thank-you gift for your customers. Members can choose to pay all or a portion of their bull customer's Angus tag order with the gift certificate. This is a popular way of thanking bull buyers for their purchase and to introduce new customers to the Angus tag program. 

Some of our members have taken this idea even further and offer one free bag of tags with every registered bull that they sell. This is a fantastic way to set your bull sale apart and offer your customers immediate access to their tags. The Canadian Angus Association offers additional support to these members by providing staff at the bull sale to process the tag orders on site. 

We are pleased to recognize the following members for their outstanding support of the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tag program this bull sale season:

Cudlobe Angus
Dave Bolduc and Dyce & Adrianna Bolduc and their families, including Mat Bolduc, Kevin Bolduc and Kaitlynn Bolduc
Stavely, AB
(403) 549-3833 or (403) 549-2228

Diamond T Cattle Co
Smith/Gardner Family
Olds, AB
(403) 556-2290 or (403) 994-0552

Northern Alliance consignors Blast Angus, Marberly Angus, Poplar Meadows and Red Moon Angus

Blast Angus
Brent, Lia, Shea & Tori Long
Houston, BC
(250) 845-3500

Marberly Angus
Kim Beaudette
Houston, BC
(780) 536-2342

Poplar Meadows
Tanya, Monty & Taylor Belsham and Dianne Strimbold
Houston, BC
(250) 845-3050 or (250) 696-3672

Red Moon Angus
Jim, Shirley & Tom Moon
Vanderhoof, BC
(250) 567-9762

Signature Series Bull Sale consignors Bandura Ranches, Lazy MC Angus and NCJ Cattle Co

Bandura Ranches
Joe and Sandy Bandura
Duchess, AB
(403) 378-3043

Lazy MC Angus
Clint & Angela, Laurie & Layne Morasch
Bassano, AB
(403) 641-2621

NCJ Cattle Co
Nathan Jensen
Taber, AB
(403) 223-3284

Triple S Red Angus
David, Mary Beth, & Adam Sibbald and Dylan Sibbald
Calgary, AB
(403) 932-5585 or (403) 850-7341

The Canadian Angus Association thanks these breeders for supporting the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Tag program. If you haven't held your bull sale yet, it's not too late to offer your customers a free bag of tags with each bull purchased. 

For more information on the Angus Tag program please visit