Friday, November 21, 2014

AC-TV Trailer

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Stay tuned for AC-TV coming to the Canadian Angus Association

Everything in today’s world is instant! You can check your twitter feed and know breaking news before the larger news companies have even reported it. The obsession with social media and the way in which news is released is altogether different than what it was 10 years ago and I will bet that in 10 years it will be different again. Everyone is a news reporter and can post anything online quickly with the help of their smart phone. I will admit it is very hard to keep up with the ever-changing digital world. I studied it for 4 years and still find it hard to keep up!

The Canadian Angus Association (CAA) has decided that we want to enter the digital shift and we are going to offer the Association’s news as a video broadcast. Using video allows a story to be really told and we WANT to share the Angus story. We want to share about the great market prices that our industry is experiencing, upcoming Angus events and deadlines, what the junior ambassador is doing and so forth. We want to share your story on AC-TV.

What is AC-TV? AC-TV stands for Angus Central Television and will be put out quarterly in the next year. The first episode will air on December 12th, 2014. So mark your calendars now! It will be a year in review style of a news cast. The CAA has decided to try something new so the Angus news that was printed will soon be offered to you online and in a DVD form.

In my schooling I did learn and see how effective and powerful a video can be. I think you will agree that if you can see someone’s motion and emotion on a screen you can connect with their story a lot easier. That is what good television strives for; they want to invoke some sort of emotion out of you. Whether that be laughing at a joke, crying when the main character dies, or becoming curious enough to google more about the events after the show. Watch this example of how powerful this video is about smoking: You can see with the use of video Thai health was able to portray a very strong message about how bad smoking is for everyone.

Video offers a new medium to communicate with your target audience. The goal for AC-TV is that it can also be a tool that those involved in our business can utilize themselves. Using video, as you can infer, is a great way to market your operation or company. You can get your messaging across just like Thai Health did in the above video. Soon AC-TV will be able to support ads and you will have added another platform to your own communication plan.  You will be reaching a wider audience in a new and innovative way; a way that no other breed in Canada is offering their news to members and industry partners.

AC-TV is coming soon so be sure to tune in on December 12, 2014. Going live on our YouTube channel first! Keep up with our blog to learn a more in-depth story on those featuring in the episodes.

Posted by Karla Ness  Feedback: