Friday, April 26, 2013

CAA Summer Interns Have Arrived

 Matt, Karla and Katie

If I were to say it has been a busy week at the Canadian Angus headquarters here in Calgary, Alberta, that would be an understatement. Intern training started Monday morning where I met Karla and Katie, the summer interns for Saskatchewan and Alberta respectively. We’ve had a jam-packed week full of staff overviews, summer planning, and development of workshops and promotional material that we will use throughout the summer. We worked in the conference room for most of the week, which I think we are going to rename “The Arctic” because it had to be at least 15 degrees colder than the rest of the office building. Despite Tina’s many attempts to fix this, it didn't seem to change much.

I flew into Calgary from Toronto on Sunday afternoon. Starting Monday morning we had a tour of the office, learned where everything could be found, and we were introduced to the office staff along the way. Once we finished going through some logistics, we each set some goals that we hope to accomplish through our internship this summer. We then had an overview from Stacy in the Registry Department and Joanelle who is the Office Administrator.

Tuesday morning brought more brainstorming about how we could increase the interest in all of our Canadian Junior Angus programs. We worked alongside the CJAA coordinator Belinda who flew in from Regina to be with us. We also discussed social media and how each of us could assist with updating these pages over the summer.

On Wednesday we began developing our workshops for the summer, particularly those that we are going to be using when visiting schools. We also discussed radio and print interviews which we may encounter this summer. We also had a very in-depth meeting with Kajal about breed development and with Cheryl about the Angus tag program.

Thursday morning we talked a lot about Cassie and Tina’s jobs in marketing and communications respectively. Michael also talked to us about the Rancher Endorsed program and the Canadian Angus Foundation. Additionally we had a two-hour online webinar which outlined some simple strategies for better event marketing.

Friday was a particularly busy day. Ciara met with us to discuss her responsibilities in the office, and then we had some time to work on our schedules for the summer. Next we spoke with representatives from Canada Beef, Canada Beef Research Council, Canadian Beef Breeds Council and Alberta Beef. To finish the day we spoke with Rob for a while and then wished everyone farewell.

The office staff at the Canadian Angus Association are truly second to none. I think all of us interns agree that they treated us unbelievably well this week, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for us. We want to put a special thank you to Rob and Michael for treating us to lunch throughout the week and also Cassie and Tina for working alongside us all week and passing so much of their knowledge on to us. Us interns are now parting ways; however, we will keep in close contact over the summer. We look forward to seeing all of our many Angus friends and youth throughout the summer at events throughout our respective provinces We hope you get a chance to read our weekly blog posts, and keep up with our exciting happenings throughout the summer.

Posted by Matt Bates