Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Sales Look Good So Far

Our 13th Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Fall Feeder Sale of the 2011 run takes place today in Olds. So far, things are good and there is lots of optimism as the market has picked up this week. People are very happy at the auction marts and producers are feeling good. Many are finding that they are receiving more money than they did at the same time last year for comparable quality calves.

Supply and demand are a big factor, and this year that is driving prices up. The Canadian dollar has gone down a bit and that doesn't hurt either. Cattle prices have gone up while other commodities have gone down.

Guys are a bit slow in bringing their cattle to town, but that is typical for this time of year. The numbers will pick up after the Thanksgiving holiday and we'll see high numbers of cattle going through the auction rings through the end of October.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and watch for our commercial field reps at Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Feeder sales near you. We will also have a booth and representation at both Red Roundup on October 21-22 and at Agribition November 23-26. A limited number of Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Tags will be available for pick-up at each location.

Posted by Brian Good

Monday, October 3, 2011

Canadian Angus Foundation Update

The Canadian Angus Foundation has had one of its best years ever. We successfully raised $26,280 in the Baldy Fundraiser, half of which was donated to the ‘Kids with Cancer Society’. We also had a great turnout for the Junior Ambassador competition that featured some of the best youth that our Angus fraternity has to offer. Ultimately Austen Anderson of Swan River, Manitoba was selected as our ambassador for the upcoming year. Austen will travel to the World Angus Secretariat in Argentina as well as several shows and sales across Canada.

A few new opportunities for our Juniors include the chance for one CJAA member to have $500 of their travel paid to the GOAL conference in Regina this February. This is awarded through the Canadian Angus Memorial Fund and is open to members of the CJAA. To enter submit a paragraph stating ‘How you will benefit from attending GOAL’ to; be sure to include your contact information.

The inaugural Dick Turner Award will be presented at the 2012 Canadian Angus Association annual general meeting in Lethbridge. The criteria for the award will be announced early in 2012 so keep reading the Junior Connections newsletter and Angus World for more information.

The Canadian Angus Foundation functions to preserve and expand the Angus breed for future generations through education, youth development, scientific and market research, and historical restoration. More information about the Canadian Angus Foundation is available at or by email to

Posted by Michael Latimer