Friday, August 27, 2010

New Canadian Angus Performance Program Deadline: October 10, 2010

The deadline to submit all performance data for the Spring 2011 National Cattle Evaluation has been changed to October 10, 2010. In order to have your performance data included in the November NCE, all data must be in the office by October 10; data can be submitted online or by mail.

However, most pastures are very green this year and many Canadian Angus Performance Program members were planning on leaving their cattle out as long as possible. If you do not submit your data by October 10th, you should still submit it as soon as possible. Data that gets submitted after the deadline will be used to calculate Interim EPDs (P+) for members until it is used in the next NCE in June 2011. Interim EPDs consist of Parental Averages (P) and the trait information that is submitted.

If your Herd Inventory and Application for Registration has been processed and you received an RFI (Request for Information) sheet from us, please provide your corrections or changes in writing and return it to the office by fax or mail. To ensure accuracy, we cannot accept revisions by telephone. The registration fee for an animal on which an RFI has been issued will be held for 90 days, but we strongly recommend that you respond to an RFI as soon as possible. If you have received a Missing Data-Herd Inventory sheet, please update it and return it to us as soon as possible. Once your inventory is complete, 205-day worksheets will be generated for you.

We realize that deadlines are sometimes difficult to meet when so much of our business is dependent on variables like the weather, however, data that is submitted shortly after it is taken is much more accurate and leaves more time to complete everything.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions at all.

Kajal Devani