Friday, November 5, 2010

October a Great Month for Angus in Canada

In the words of Brian Good, October was "the best month I have seen since working for the Canadian Angus Association in the commercial sector."

Cattle prices at Innisfail were good, with all weights of cattle bringing $100-$150 better than last year. Angus tagged cattle topped the market at Burnt Lake Auction. Black Angus led at Swift Current. Very good Angus cattle brought excellent prices at Perlich Auction. Prices were also strong at Keady in Ontario who reported an excellent Angus sale.

The Southern Alberta Angus Club hosted a steak fry at Medicine Hat. Hern Ranches sold their calves for sale-topping prices. Jim Hern said that he couldn't believe more people aren't using Angus tags in their Angus influenced cattle. So producers, don't forget to promote the Angus tag program to your commercial customers and ensure that you transfer the registration certificate into your customer's name.

Mankota remains the only auction so far to host an all-Angus-tagged, all-age-verified sale. This year there were 2,700 head on offer and people came from all over Canada to attend. The prices topped all other sales so far this year.

We have also received compliments in Quebec for the ATQ Angus tag program. Producers from other beef breeds have taken notice of the Angus tag and are very complimentary about the program. ATQ Angus tag sales have been brisk and we are very pleased with the uptake from Quebec producers.

There are dozens of Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed sales left on the calendar for November and December. And it's not too late to get Angus tags for your cattle with at least one registered Angus parent.

Posted by Tina Zakowsky