Friday, January 28, 2011

Invitation to Free EPD Workshop

Hello All! I had the wonderful opportunity to hold an EPD 101 workshop this month and was very encouraged by how useful the breeders that attended said that it was. I will be hosting two workshops, one on the basics of EPDs and one on the paperwork involved in participating in the Canadian Angus Performance Program, on the first Tuesday morning of every month.

The EPD 101 workshop covers what EPDs are, how they are calculated, and how to use EPDs. The Paperwork workshop includes the paperwork that participants need to fill out, and also covers how to read and use the evaluation reports that are given back to members.

The workshops involve accessing slides online while participating in a conference call. Members with dial-up or no internet service can access the slides beforehand and can simply call into the conference call. The workshops are interactive and breeders will have to opportunity to ask questions and share ideas.

To register for a workshop, simply email me at or call 1-888-571-3580. The workshops I have held so far have been a lot of fun, and I for one came away having learned something new. I'd like to thank all the participants for sharing their ideas and experience with me.


Posted by Kajal Devani