Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Did I Miss the March 31st Deadline to Permanent Genotype All My Cows?

The deadline to submit samples for permanent female genotyping was March 31, but if you didn't get your samples in, do not panic!

First, the change in parentage verification policy only applies to bull calves born after January 1, 2015. So bull calves born next year that go on to become herd sires to purebred members will need to be parent verified (DNA matched to their dam and sire). We will already have the sire DNA on file. What can you do to make sure we can at that time also match these bull calves to their dams?
  1. Pull hair samples on all your dams, and store these in a dry well-labelled envelope until the time that you might need one.
  2. Pull hair on all your dams, and submit them for permanent female genotyping (putting their DNA on file).
  3. Pull hair on all your dams and submit them for SNP parentage verification testing. This will not only put their DNA on file but will also verify the pedigrees of your females.

Members do not have to pull hair samples on all their females now, they can do them as cows have bull calves, or as cows are disposed of. The system is flexible so that it works for our members and their different operations. Please do not panic if you missed the March 31, 2014 deadline. 

Although the promotion that allowed us to offer reduced rates on DNA testing is over, the revised prices are lower than they were two years ago. Permanent female genotyping is $12 per test and parentage verification is $18 per test.

If you have any questions about DNA technology and DNA testing, please contact me at 1-888-571-3580. 

Posted by Kajal Devani
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