Friday, May 23, 2014

The First Days Back Home

 The First Days Back Home
By: Sophie Wotten 
It has been an incredible start to my intern experience. It is hard to believe that four weeks ago I was flying into the Calgary airport so eager for my intern position to begin. Each day is different, with exciting and exhilarating tasks!
Training week was filled with remarkable speakers, discussions with the Canadian Angus Association (CAA) staff, as well as meeting some of the integral Angus members. Everyday was a learning experience with new topics and objectives that I hope to complete by the end of the term.
            Once I arrived back home, I went straight to work attending Youth Forum, held in Markham, Ontario. This event is one of the biggest spring youth shows held in Ontario. Over the two-day event, I was able to connect with our Junior Angus members as well as Angus breeders. It was an outstanding showcase for the Angus breed, displaying 32 yearling heifers. Above all, the Grand Champion female was from this great breed exhibited by Hailie Conley of Vos Vegas Farms. After attending this show, I think it is safe to say that the Angus breed has a very promising future!
            Being a Marketing Intern, everyday is a new experience. The past few weeks have been nothing short of this. One of the first tasks I have been working from home is contacting schools through out Ontario. As an intern, I am presenting to students about the importance of becoming involved in 4-H programs, the pasture-to-plate process, as well as joining the Canadian Junior Angus Association (CJAA). Since Ontario has strict regulations on speakers attending schools talking with students, I am working with school boards with high hopes to spread the message!
            Another project that I have been working on is contacting numerous youth/breed cattle shows, education days, and 4-H events in Ontario that I can attend. A large portion of my summer will be attending such events. Being apart of agricultural events very fulfilling haven been a member of such a great community.
            During the long weekend in May, I traveling and came through the town of Cookstown where the Ontario Stockyards is located. I was able to post CAA brochures and flyers in hopes to retrieve more Rancher Endorsed members and increase membership.  
            This week I have been very busy starting my final project. I am very exciting to showcase this at the end of my summer!

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