Monday, July 14, 2014

Sophie's travels

    It seems like yesterday I was blogging about all of the latest incredible experiences I have had thus far as the Ontario Marketing Intern. The past three weeks have gone by so fast as I have been keeping myself busy travelling through many parts of Ontario.

     Nearing the end of the school year, my schedule was packed with visits across the province. This year, I was fortunate enough to attend eight schools. It has been a work in progress in Ontario as the school boards are very strict who is allowed to come speak to students. The last school I attended, I was able to spend two days teaching students about ANGUS! The first day I was in classrooms from grade 3-5. The second day I was apart of a careers day. This allowed students to choose between a variation of presentations to participate in. It was a fantastic experience working with the students answering a variety of questions the students had.

     I must say travelling around to different schools has been a highlight as the Marketing Intern. It is very rewarding being able to work with students and change the way they think about the beef industry and Angus beef!

It was great going back into schools that I had attended in my younger years. I was fortunate enough to work with one of my own teachers as she is assisting me in proofing a letter to send out to schools for the intern next year!

In between all of these school visits, I also was able to attend some cattle shows throughout Ontario. I was fortunate enough to attend Millbrook Fair and judge the Jackpot show consisting of over 20 heifer calves. It was both a great experience and honor to be asked to judge this show.

After all of this excitement in Ontario, I had the opportunity to attend the Calgary Stampede. I am currently working in the Cattle Trail answering questions and educating the public about the beef industry and Angus beef.


Up next, Showdown!

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