Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015 World Angus Secretariat – Will you be there?

The World Angus Secretariat was established in 1969 to facilitate the exchange of information between the various Angus societies and associations around the world. The organization is comprised of more than 20 breed associations worldwide and it will be conducting its biennial meeting this October. Angus breeders from across the world will meet to discuss the latest breed information and technological advances as well as tour the regions locales and of course look at Angus cattle.

The Mexican Angus Association will be hosting the 2015 World Angus Secretariat. The meeting will feature the beautiful Mexican countryside alongside Angus cattle. Mexico has a very unique geography and climate, ranging from hot deserts to cold mountains to tropical regions and Angus cattle are able to thrive in all of those environments. The Secretariat provides an opportunity for Canadian producers to gain a different perspective on the industry, and see Angus cattle residing in an environment unique to Canada. Here is an overview of the conference itinerary:

October 12-14 – Pre tour – Copper Canyon

Visitors will travel in the famous ‘Chepe Train’ through the copper Canyon in the Tarahumara Mountains in Chihuahua. The Copper Canyon consists of six distinct canyons, and the overall canyon system is larger and portions are deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

October 14-18 – Chihuahua

Chihuahua is located in Northwestern Mexico and is the largest state in the country by area. Visitors will tour various operations in Chihuahua that raise purebred Angus cattle and enjoy a variety of social events.

October 18-22 – Durango

This part of the tour will consist of a large cattle show that will be the national show for Mexico in 2015. There will be exhibits set up at the fairgrounds and a cattle auction after the show.

October 22-25 – Mazatlan (Sinaola)

Mazatlan is the second largest city in Sinaola, consisting of very nice beaches lined with resort hotels. This will be the location of all of the conferences, speeches, and technical parts of the secretariat.

October 25-27 – Post tour

The post tour begins in Mazatlan and is the final leg of the secretariat.

There was a very large Canadian delegation in attendance at the 2013 World Angus Forum in New Zealand, and here’s to hoping that there will be another strong Canadian delegation at this year’s Secretariat in Mexico. The registration form and all fee breakdowns are available on their website: http://www.worldangussecretariat.com.mx.

Posted by Karla Ness Feedback: cdnangus@cdnangus.ca