Monday, June 26, 2017

WAF Youth Team Update June 23-24

Thursday was a big day for the delegates at the World Angus Forum. We spent the day at the Royal Highland Show where we witnessed a variety of different breeds than what we are used to. We saw quite a selection of Blondes, Salers, Belgian Blues and Galloway among some breeds more familiar to us like Charolais, Limousin, Hereford, Simmental and of course Angus. In the UK, Limos tend to be most prominent in commercial herds which is quite different from what we are used to with Angus back home. There were approximately 150 Angus cattle, the majority of which were black, in attendance at the show. Structurally they were much larger in frame size and more streamlined in their proportions in comparison to our cattle. Additionally, it was great to see a different way of fitting cattle for show--many of the breeders used soap or glue to pull all the hair up along the animal’s body giving them a different look overall once they entered the ring.

Aside from the cattle show we were also able to take in a large sheep and horse show in addition to equipment displays, markets, craft exhibitions and jumping. There were lots of interesting displays about Scottish culture; among our favourites was the bagpipe marching band! After a long day we took the bus back to Stirling where we happily rested up for tomorrow's adventure. Safe to say we are all looking forward to a good night’s sleep as well as all the activities to come!
Left to right: Lane Evans, Australian youth red team, Wade Olynyk, Travis Hunter, Maguire Blair
Left to right: Lane Evans, Bailey (Gus) Dietrich, Maguire Blair, Travis Hunter

Left to right: Travis Hunter, Wade Olynyk, Kelsey Ribey, Michaela Chalmers