Friday, March 16, 2018

Building the Legacy 7 Announcement - 1

We are pleased to present the first of our highlighted lots for the 2018 edition of the Canadian Angus Foundation Building the Legacy fundraiser auction!

Pick of the 2018-born Calves (excluding embryos)
OR a Pick of the Herd Flush
Donated by Harvest Angus
Tom & Carolyn deWaal - Prince George, BC

HF Blackbird 145P
Harvest Angus ( of Prince George, BC is a 15-year-old black Angus operation run by BC Angus Association President Tom deWaal. Harvest Angus has grown to more than 250 head. And Harvest Angus has graciously donated the buyer's pick of ALL 2018-born, non-embryo calves including bulls! The buyer's pick will have been bred by Tom himself. That may seem like an odd thing to promote, but that's indicative of Tom's level of commitment to his customers: he always keeps a few bulls back in his herd and feeds them until they are two-year-olds just in case a customer gets into a jam. He is committed to having a replacement option available for his customers to ensure their satisfaction. That, folks, is dedication and commitment!

You may be familiar with some of Harvest Angus' standout animals like MICH Envious Blackbird 907W and 2013 Canadian Angus Gold Show All-Star Heifer Calf Champion Harvest Blackbird Lisa 5A. Or how about the cow that Tom describes as the "Queen of Harvest Angus", HF Blackbird 145P, the 2006 Agribition Supreme Champion. She continues to breed and her daughters and granddaughters are prominent throughout the Harvest Angus herd. Three of her calves have become Canadian Angus Association All Stars--Harvest R Blackbird 3Y, Harvest Tinge 5Y and Harvest Custom Crome 2Y.

Calf selection must be made by August 1st so that Harvest Angus can consign calves to their fall female sale.

Red SSS Soldier 365W x Red XO Crowfoot Brndina 1451Y Embryos
Donated by Nine Mile Ranch
Alan & Lorraine Sanford - Quesnel, BC
Red SSS Soldier 365W
Another outstanding donation from BC comes from Lorraine and Alan Sanford of Nine Mile Ranch near Quesnel, BC: Embryos from Red SSS Soldier 365W
x Red XO Crowfoot Brndina 1451Y. A resulting mating is Red Nine Mile Brndina 627D . Red SSS Soldier 365W is a prominent and highly desirable Canadian Angus sire that would add great traits to any red Angus herd.

Red Nine Mile Brndina 627D - Progeny of embryo mating
Nine Mile Ranch runs about 80 purebred Angus alongside a commercial herd. The purebred and commercial cattle are all expected to perform under the same working conditions and thrive in BC's bush range. This is no easy feat! Alan and Lorraine's children and grandchildren are the fifth and sixth generations at Nine Mile Ranch, so this family knows something about legacies. Speaking of legacies, at Convention Lorraine will be retiring from the Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors after two consecutive terms of service, and we greatly appreciate this parting gift from her family to help build the future of our Foundation.

Custom Quilt
Donated by Gail Wildman
Towaw Cattle Co - Sangudo, AB

Our final spotlight donation is a repeat donation from Alberta's Gail Wildman and the Wildman family of Towaw Cattle Co.: a custom-made quilt! Personally, few of us have been fortunate buyers of this donation at worthy charitable causes in the past and we're honoured that Gail is blessing us with another one of her beautiful, 'home-y' handmade quilts. Trust me, folks... if you purchase this donation from CRAPS' original secretary it will become an unrivalled heirloom in your family. Just ask Past CAF Chair Sylvia Jackson who purchased the first custom quit that the Wildman family donated in 2016. Sylvia was so thrilled with her custom quilt that she brought it to Convention last year just to show it off!


The Building the Legacy fundraiser auction will take place during our annual National Convention on Saturday, June 9th following the Convention Banquet hosted by BC Angus at the Crown Isle Resort in Comox, BC. Registration for Convention is open--please visit