Monday, June 25, 2018

Junior Angus Ambassadorship 2017/18

A little over a year ago I completed a last minute application for the Junior Angus Ambassadorship position with doubts of receiving the position and honestly little knowledge about the opportunities that come along with it. A positively ridiculous thought now as my year term has closed and I am flipping through the pictures of my travels.

I have had the honour of having this position take me literally around the world to three countries and from coast to coast of this great country. In no way has it simply been about the destinations. I have met an incredible collection of diverse and magnificent people who all have the one common interest. An interest in the advancement of agriculture whether that be a passion for raising livestock, for advancing technology, for strengthening the breed, or empowering the youth. And the most spectacular part of it all is that I have found the same welcoming community atmosphere at every place I have traveled with the Ambassadorship.

I can’t begin to explain all the things I have learned or gained from this past year but I can say with confidence that I wouldn’t have been the same person now if I hadn’t sent that application in.

I truly hope that I have done my part thus far promoting the Angus breed and doing a just job of representing the youth in the breed and in the industry well. The youth initiatives and support in agriculture and more specifically within the Canadian Angus Association is something to marvel at. It is because of this strong community culture around educating youth through life experiences, mentorships, and practical applications that the youth today are one hell of a group. This statement holds true not only for Canada but for the other countries I have traveled to.

I cannot thank the Canadian Angus Foundation, it’s supporters, the entire Canadian Angus membership, and all the influential people on my travels enough because without you none of this would have been possible. A special thanks to Belinda for being my unofficial mentor throughout the year and another thanks to my family for their encouragement, support, and advice. You guys went from running me to rinks to running me to airports and without your guidance I wouldn’t have sent that application in.

It’s difficult to believe my term is up, however I am incredibly excited for the next Ambassadors to create their own adventures. And to those I have met along the way, take care till we meet again, the world is really a small place.

Macy Liebreich