Monday, June 21, 2010

Canadian Angus Association 2010 Annual General Meeting

Any description of the 2010 Canadian Angus Association Annual General Meeting would be amiss if it did not begin by recognizing the warmth with which the Maritimers welcomed us into their city and province. Angus breeders from all across Canada travelled to Halifax to attend the event; industry partners and representatives from other associations were all present. And, we heard repeatedly, that it was worth the trip!

Halifax is a port filled with history and culture. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Pier 21 where several breeders found their family names on the wall that recognizes immigrant families who first landed in Canada. Some of us found ourselves enraptured in the 1800 reenactment of Alexander Keith’s brewery establishment. Angus breeders had the opportunity to tour two wineries and a lobster pound – both excellent pairings with our delicious Angus beef. As guests at the President’s reception, we were whisked away on the Tall Ship Silva on which we sailed around the port. The harbour had a relaxed and rejuvenating effect on everyone who was present.

This was a wonderful setting for the Annual General Meeting where Angus breeders and industry partners came together to form strong relationships and a positive outlook for our industry in the coming year. Angus breeders are so pleased to welcome Kirk Wildman as our president for the next year, and congratulate David Bolduc on being nominated as the president elect.

We had the opportunity to travel with our Quebec and Maritime Fieldman Wayne Gallup to visit MacMaster Choice Meats in Antigonish, NS. MacMaster Choice Meats is owned and operated by Frank MacMaster and is currently the only Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed licensed participant in the Maritime region. Frank also joined us at the AGM by participating in the roundtable discussions and was very generous in supplying and donating Canadian Angus beef for the banquet.

The speech portion of the 2010-2011 Robert C. McHaffie Junior Ambassador Competition was carried out at Murphy’s restaurant along the waterfront in Halifax, NS. Erika Easton of Wawota, SK was declared the winner at the banquet. Erika will be an excellent representative of the Canadian Angus Foundation at many national and international events throughout the upcoming year.

This was the first Canadian Angus Association Annual General Meeting that we have attended as staff members of the Association and we were both grateful for your warm welcomes, and the encouragement that we both received from members. We were both so happy to see how passionate and committed all our members are to the Angus breed and the Association. We thank you all for travelling from far and wide to attend.

Posted by Kajal Devani and Michael Latimer