Friday, June 18, 2010

Some fees are changing June 30

Some Canadian Angus Association fees will be changing on June 30. These fee changes result from decisions made at the February 2010 Board of Directors meeting.

At the meeting, the Finance Committee reported serious concern that our fee structure has not kept pace with inflation and explained that we have been able to keep registration and membership fees at the 1982 level only because of activity growth and access to grant programs.

The Board of Directors accepted the following changes to the fee schedule, effective June 30:
  • Cost of providing mailing labels be $100 plus 3 cents per label

  • An electronic download of member addresses be $250 for a one-time use

  • Charge to register an imported animal be $50

  • Charge of $25 for Geneprob reports, reduced to $15 if it can be provided electronically

  • Cost to register a herd name be $25

  • Cost to register tattoo letters be $25

All members will receive a revised fee schedule in the mail with their 2009 annual report by the end of the month. You can also download a printable PDF file by clicking here.

Changes to registration, transfer and membership fees will not occur until January 2011.

Posted by Tina Zakowsky