Wednesday, August 15, 2018

T'was The Night Before A Cattle Show

It was the night before showing and all down the aisle
Exhibitors are prepping after travelling miles.
After finding the area where they will be stalled,
Parents and children start unpacking, what they've hauled.

As the cattle get comfortable, and snuggle up in a row,
A cute little peewee walks by with her hair in a bow.
When all of a sudden the announcement comes through
"Bring your entries to office, we need them. Thank you"

Away to the show office they flew in a flash,
With papers in hand, as well as their cash.
 Exhibitors organized their show numbers with care,
As in the morning, there is little time to prepare.

The morning came quickly, a bright sunny day.
The cattle are groomed as they munched on their hay.
For some its time to get dressed in their best,
While others stay back and continue rest

From shirts to belts, everyone has their own style,
But mom's always say the best thing is a smile.
The announcer comes on, into his mic he's blowing,
"The judge has arrived, come on let's get showing"

They were judged by more than a glance while in hand,
And only a champion would advance to be grand
He's first, she's second, they're third. Who was placed?
Class winners were announced but all showed with such grace.

Although we can't all be winners at the end of the day
Practice and commitment in the end is what pays

Despite the longs days there is no other place,
For it's not the banners or ribbons we chase.
It's not for the fame or the awards we think of,
Cattle shows are really about the people and animals we love. 

Written by Hailie Conley