Tuesday, June 4, 2019

What do you support when you bid at The Canadian Angus Foundation Building the Legacy Sale?

The Building the Legacy sale has become the main fundraising focus of the Canadian Angus Foundation and has been very successful in helping to further the Canadian Angus Foundation mission which is to preserve and expand the Angus breed for future generations through education, youth development, scientific and market research, and historical preservation and restoration. The Canadian Angus Foundation was incorporated in 1993 and is the charitable arm of the Canadian Angus Association.

The Foundation supports youth, young breeder and member development: this includes scholarships and awards such as the Outstanding Young Angus Breeder and the Robert C. McHaffie Junior Ambassador (and others), as well as travel bursaries and junior shows. This support also includes providing junior and young breeders the opportunity to learn and grow in areas of leadership, marketing, technology and Angus production as well as opportunities for non-livestock youth to learn about our industry. Funding is also provided to assist with speakers and events targeted at member education.

The Foundation supports preserving and restoring our history. The Foundation Board are extremely excited to launch the new Canadian Angus History Book The Breed, The Legends, The History at the CAA Convention in Drumheller in June. We also have extensive archives at Angus Central, with many items on display that members are invited to view. Over the course of several years, summer interns organized and catalogued historical documents and the items on display in the archives.

The Foundation also supports scientific and technical development. The Canadian Angus Foundation currently provides funding for seven ongoing research and development projects through your Canadian Angus Association. Some of these include:

  • High Immune Response: Immunity Plus EPD, available for the Canadian dairy industry, helps identify cattle that have the genetic potential to raise a high immune response to bacterial and viral infection. CAA, Semex, and AGI have partnered to develop this tool for Angus cattle.
  •  Development of genetic evaluations for feet and leg structure: Using a discovery population scored by one well-trained research technician for feet and leg structure using the AGI published scoring guideline, a genetic evaluation for these traits in the Canadian Angus population will be developed. These animals will also be genotyped for a more accurate evaluation. Ultimately, members will submit their own scores so that the data can be incorporated into our AngusONE evaluation.
  •  Development of collection of new phenotypes for the purpose of genetic evaluations: these new traits include Dry Matter Intake for Feed Efficiency EPDs, Teat and Udder Scores, Feet and Leg Scores, Docility, Mature Cow Weight, Height, and Body Condition Score, Carcass Quality.

Whether your passion is supporting youth development, supporting member education, supporting the preservation of Angus history and archives, or supporting scientific research and development (or all four), we would like to invite you to attend Canadian Angus Convention 2019 in Drumheller, and to support Building the Legacy 8 in person or online at http://dlms.ca/default.aspx and 

To register for Convention 2019 please click here or call your Canadian Angus office at 1-888-571-3580.