Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2018 is the Year of the Canadian Angus RFID Tag

Optimism is high among our members and, more importantly, among our commercial cattlemen.

Since Canadian Angus represents 64% of Canada’s national commercial cow herd and more than 50% of purebred registrations in a given year, what we do as Angus genetic seedstock suppliers affects every single element of our nation’s cattle and beef industry. Never before has any one breed held more market share and been more dominant than we are right now. We have an awesome, incredible, humbling responsibility but my greatest confidence comes from the fact we know that our membership is absolutely up for it!

Welcome to ‘The Year of the Tag’!

We have long had the world’s largest branded tag program but, in 2018, we hope to grow it by 50%! So please note, through this year, you will see a lot about our Canadian Angus tag program and what you can do to help it grow.

Why should it grow?

For a number of reasons…
  1. The only way to get Red Angus cattle into ANY Angus-branded beef program in Canada is for them to be tagged with our Canadian Angus tag
  2. There are a number of branded beef programs in Canada that are unable to find enough verified Angus cattle to satisfy their program demands. The only way to verify? With our Canadian Angus tag!
  3.  We are moving closer and closer to where major Angus-branded programs will need and want to verify that what they are selling as Angus is, indeed, Angus! And the only way to do that is by procuring cattle that are tagged “Canadian Angus”.
If you think you can’t access our tags easily enough, please try placing your order online: delivery usually takes place the next business day or, at the most, within three business days. We may never be available at retail locations (although we are working on this) but we are quite easy to obtain. And if you can find tags less expensive than what we sell ours for, please contact us because we are priced at the lowest level we can find.

As an Angus tag user you are eligible for free age verification services through the Canadian Angus Association. You are also eligible for a free membership to the Commercial Angus Identification and Performance Program (CAIPP) which records pedigree and performance information on your commercial Angus-tagged animals. CAIPP uses this information (and DNA parentage testing) to provide you with valuable marketing and genetic selection tools.

We know many of you want a premium for using our Angus tag; we can never guarantee this. However, we have to ask you… why do you want or need a premium? Our RFID tag is priced as reasonably as anyone’s. And you HAVE to put an RFID tag in your calves. So why not show Angus pride, create optimal opportunity for both yourself and those who purchase, feed and sell your genetics, and tag ’em Angus?

Onward and upward are two words that guide your Canadian Angus team in everything that we do. And we think, as you work through calving or prepare for your cows to calve, you mostly think this way, as well. And we want to thank you for that optimism, that commitment and dedication. That pride.

Here to 2018 being your greatest year as Angus producers yet. And if your Canadian Angus Association can do anything to assist you, either as a purebred or commercial producers, please never hesitate to let us know. After all, we work for you. And we celebrate and commit to this each and every day.

Canadian Angus Association
Phone: 403-571-3580