Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Canadian Angus Tag Program is Your Tag Program – Show Your Angus Pride

We’re most likely preaching to the choir when we say the Angus breed is where it’s at. Angus dominates the marketplace and is the choice for consumers ranging from those making a quick stop at McDonald’s to steak connoisseurs at the finest restaurants in the country. Take a moment to enjoy that success because you helped achieve this top of mind recognition with the public. People might not know what marbling means but they know to ask for Angus at their local butcher shop. Angus is at the top and the view from here is amazing.

According to Canfax, a division of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association that analyzes cattle markets, Angus have 64% influence in the Canadian commercial cattle herd; two-thirds of Canadian crossbred cattle have Angus genetics. Angus cattle are also found in all Canadian provinces.

But do you know what is most difficult about being at the top? It’s staying at the top.

The Canadian Angus Tag Program is the largest branded tag program in the world with 300,000 radio-frequency identification tags sold annually. Although it’s already the largest in the world, we are focusing on growing our Canadian Angus Tag Program over the next five years. Our program requires minimum 50% Angus genetics so we are working with industry to make the Angus tag the qualifier for branded Angus beef programs in Canada.

We have major beef suppliers approaching the Association wanting to use our Angus tagged cattle in their programs. We just don’t have enough Angus tagged cattle to meet their demand.

This is where you can help. There are various ways you as members can support your tag program, including:
·         Make sure you’re using Canadian Angus Tags on your cattle
·         Have tags at your bull sales:
o   Give away a bag of tags with each bull sold
o   Give gift certificates for tags with each bull sold
·         Promote the tags in your bull sale catalogue
·         When you follow up with the people who buy your bulls, ask if they have bought their tags yet. Offer to help them with their order.
·         Contact your Business Development Team to suggest events they can attend and promote tags
·         Talk to your neighbours: do you know Angus breeders who are not using tags? Explain why you love the tags and why they should use them as well. Ask the Business Development Team to get in touch with them to further explain the benefits of the tag program.
·         And if you have other ideas to promote the Canadian Angus Tag Program, we’re always open to suggestions!